Barbie doll wears a rich royal blue gown with a sparkling silvery lace front panel. The gown has a beautiful silvery collar and fitted blue velvet bodice overlayed with sparkling lace detail. Barbie doll’s dress is complemented by a richly detailed necklace and crown. Barbie doll comes with her very own crystal ball keepsake ornament.This special Millennium Princess Edition Barbie wears a large tiara with a matching silver choker, twinkling ear studs, and a ring on her right finger. Her blue and silver gown (complete with matching blue heels) has a flowing velvet skirt that features a silver lace front panel and an accentuated waistline. Its sleeves are puffed and gathered with silver-braided trim. The bodice is fitted, and the shawl neckline is made of raised, silver chiffon. The gown is removable–thanks to a Velcro back panel–so you can dress her in something else after January 1. A clear (plastic) ornament she carries has a ribbon saying “Happy New Year 2000” and can be placed on a Christmas tree, key ring, doorknob, or desk. Two things make Millennium Barbie a collectible: the keepsake bauble and the fact that she represents the aspirations of two cultures, not just one, as she strides into the next 1,000 years. Millennium Barbie is actually part of a set that features this traditional Caucasian doll and an African American doll with ebony tresses. Happy New Year! –Diane Beall

Product Features

  • 2000 Special Millennium Edition – Millennium Princess Barbie
  • Product Code: 24154

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