Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers with Extra Outlet 3-pack Set of two Bell and Howell ultrasonic pest repellers help protect your home from vile, disease-carrying rodents and insects. When mice, rats, ants and spiders invade your home, office, cabin, garage or outbuildings, fight back with these safe, clean pest repellers. Just plug them into any AC outlet and their ultrasonic technology emits a constantly-changing signal that drives pests crazy, but are virtually inaudible to you and your pets. Also features extra AC outlet so it won’t compromise your outlet. 3-pack.

Product Features

  • Ultrasonic technology emits various sound waves that drives pests crazy
  • Safe and Effective protection to help eliminate mice, rats, roaches, spiders and ants
  • Plugs into any AC outlet

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