CEB Cosmetics Solid Goats Milk Brush Cleanser 16 oz tin Melt and pour soap base This all natural organic goats milk solid brush cleanser has been specially formulated to breakdown various types of makeup while gently washing away bacteria and impurities by deeply shampooing and conditioning both your natural and synthetic brushes. Infused with organic oils, this brush soap will preserve the life of your brushes with its gentle thorough formula and all natural blend of ingredients. Our unique all-in-one cleansing tin is a portable, convenient, sanitary way to clean dirty brushes in a snap!

Product Features

  • Homemade Goat Milk Brush Cleaner 16 oz- refreshing lavender
  • Deep clean hair. conditions, sterile. Convenient cleaning tin.
  • Amazon warning: Not FDA tested or approved
  • Allergy warning 41V7549789290 may contain nut products.

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