#1 Best Selling Chew & Squeak Dog Toy Bundle. This bundle includes (1) ‘Fat’ Cheeseburger, (1) ‘Smiley Face’ Flying Frisbee Disc (colors will vary) (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope and (1) Teether Bone Rope. This Everlast Pet ToysTM Chew Squeak Toy Bundle was specifically designed for puppies to larger dogs who are still active and love to play, chew, play catch and fetch and tug-o-war games. More than simple chew toys, this 4 toy bundle will give your dog hours of chewing and fetching enjoyment. This dog toy bundle will keep your dog entertained for hours. Great for golden retrievers, collies, great dane, german shepherd, rottweiler etc. We can’t always stop our dogs from wanting to chew, but we can give them a suitable substitute that will stop them from chewing our shoes and furniture! Spend more quality time with your best friend and have fun at the same time with Everlast Pet Toys Product Bundles. Well made chew and squeak toys for dogs of all sizes at affordable prices.

Product Features

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) ‘Fat’ Cheeseburger (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope (1) ‘Smiley Face’ Flying Disc – Large (1) Teether Bone Rope
  • TOUGH CHEW TOYS: Made for dogs that love to chew, play tug-o-war, fetch and retrieve games. You will have hours of playtime fun with your dog with this 4 toy bundle.
  • DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Frisbee and Knotted Ball Pull Rope are perfect for more active larger dogs. Teether Bone Ropes for small and medium dogs. All dogs love Cheeseburgers!!!!
  • KEEP YOUR DOG IN SHAPE: Whether a puppy or a senior, your best friend will get well needed exercise with these 4 popular toys…
  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on ‘Smiley Face’ Flying Frisbee Discs

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