This #1 Rated Plush Doll PLUS Bundle has everything you need to keep your dog happy for hours at a time. Plush dolls have always been a favorite among small to medium dogs. They make great pet bed buddies or to play with around the house. Knotted Ball Pull Ropes are perfect for training your young dog to fetch & retrieve items or just to have fun at the park playing strength testing games. Also included in this combination package is a Teether Bone Rope toy used for removing food particles from your pets teeth that may cause decay. Finally, we included something for the puppy in the house – Double Knot Chewers. These smaller ropes are designed for small to medium size dogs. We can’t always stop our dogs from wanting to chew, but we can give them a suitable substitute that will stop them from chewing our shoes and furniture! Everlast Pet Toys – Quality Pet Products At Affordable Prices.

Product Features

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS (4 PK): (1) Plush Dog (1) Teether Bone Rope (1) Double Knotted Chewer (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope
  • PLUSH DOLLS: Originally designed for our human kids, our canine kids love them just as much. These soft and fuzzy toys make great pet bed buddies for your pet or for you!!! Each dog comes with it’s own tag of authentication.
  • PULL ROPES: Pull ropes are perfect for behavioral training or to use for hours of tug-o-war playtime games. Throw them as far as you can to play fetch & retrieve games.
  • TEETHER BONE ROPES: Use these ropes after meals to loosen food particles that can cause tooth decay. These bones promote healthy dental hygiene and fight the dreaded…..doggie breath!!!!
  • DOUBLE KNOTS: These multi-color chewer ropes are designed for small to medium dogs to carry around and chew on

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