Test your skill and patience with these tricky puzzles to help you practice focus and logical thinking.Fun Party Games Next time you’re at a party, pull these out and divide into teams. Find out who’s the best master solver of the group! Fun Holiday Gifts Instead of sugary treats and snacks in stockings and Easter baskets, try gifting your kids and teens with these brain testing games. Keep On Hand These metallic games are small enough that you can pull them out any time you’re traveling or waiting in a long line. A Game Set Worth Owning Challenge your mind every day with the wire games that everyone loves!

Package Content:
.3 x Metal Puzzle
.3 x Wooden Kong Ming Lock
.1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Once you’ve figured out how to unlock the puzzle can you put them together again?
  • 6Pcs Set: 3 Iron Metal Puzzle + 3 Wooden Kong Ming Lock
  • Brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting
  • This design of the puzzle looks like so simple and insignificant, but actually its solution is quite complex which is a big challenge to you
  • It can not only provide us with a positive way of recreation and rest to release heavy stress, but also train our intelligence a lot, make us more clever and confident

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