Girls Dream Building Blocks Pink Car 88pc set: Kids Love Xipoo Building Blocks Because They Can Either Follow Along With the Directions to Create A Wide Variety Of Toys Or Go Off-Page And Use Their Imagination. Creations They Build Are Sturdy Enough To Play With The Bricks Are Easy To Click Together and Take Apart. Xipoo Building Brick’s lets Kids Build in All Directions and Will Be Challenged to Build Whatever Shapes and Creations They Can Think of Kids Can Combine Xipoo Bricks Sets to Create Even More Stuff plus, it’s More Fun and its More Affordable than Lego. Parents Like Xipoo Building Bricks Because, As an Educational Toy, It Helps Children interact with each other and Develop Cognitive Thinking, Spatial Reasoning, Creativity and Motor Skills. It’s Made of Non-Toxic Materials Xipooi Brick Keeps the Kids Engaged for Long Periods of Time, Parents Enjoy It Just As Much As Kids, and Making Family Playtime Even More Fun! It’s Affordable and A Great Deal!

Product Features

  • Play fun and entertaining a perfect educational Gift for school children that will never go out of style.
  • A Fun Fantastic Toy for Boys and Girls, Its Affordable and a Great Deal! The Creations They Build Are Sturdy Enough To Play With, Toy Blocks Are Easy To Click Together And Take Apart.
  • RecreationalĀ Entertaining Building Toy for Parties, Great for Parent – Child Bonding, With Hours of Fun and Quality Time.
  • Children Will Develop And Learn Colors, And Shapes While Building And Having Fun
  • Educational toy: It’s never too early to start developing kid’s creativity at a young Age

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