Chess is a game that requires years of practice to master, and children who start to play early often make the greatest players as adults. Still, many children find chess difficult because of the complicated movement rules and intricacies involved in the strategies required to win. The Handmade Wooden Beginners Chess Set is a handmade game set that puts a new twist on chess to help kids 7 and up learn some basics of the game.

The Handmade Wooden Beginners Chess Set includes a game board that measures 6.75 inches by 5 inches by .75 inches in size and a total of eight pieces. Every part of the game is constructed by hand by woodworkers form Uttar Pradesh, North India. Even the intricate carvings on the pieces are the product of hand craftsmanship, making this a beginner’s chest set that is truly exceptional. The board and all of the pieces are fashioned out of natural sheesham wood.

This Handmade Wooden Beginners Chess Set lets kids master the art of moving four key chess pieces: the pawn, the knight, the bishop and the rook. The pawn can move one space forward and attacks the opponent diagonally, while the knight moves in an “L” shape forwards or backwards. With the bishop, you can move an endless number of diagonal spaces unless blocked by another player, and the rook can do the same making horizontal movements.

Although the pieces of the Handmade Wooden Beginners Chess Set are moved like those in chess, the game is played similarly to tic tac toe, making it easier for children. The object is to align all four pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Pieces can be captured like in chess and then put back onto the board in the next round. This game is challengingly fun and will help kids learn problem solving skills with every round of play.

Introduce children to chess and foster a love of the game from an early age. Order the Handmade Wooden Beginners Chess Set now as a gift for any occasion!

Product Features

  • Unique twist on chess helps kids learn the rules for moving pieces
  • Game board measures 6.75 inches by 5 inches by .75 inches
  • Includes eight pieces and a handy mesh storage bag
  • Made entirely by hand by Indian artisans in Uttar Pradesh out of sheesham wood
  • Ideal toy for children ages 7 and up

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