Not all catnip is created equal! Introducing the most potent, freshest, purest, highest quality catnip on the market! This is truly the catnip of catnips! Just a small pinch of this potent catnip will be the ultimate treat for your cats, guaranteed to give then the time of their lives. We use only the highest quality catnip, avoiding pesticides, chemicals and nitrates. Our all-natural catnip is free of dyes and preservatives, grown here in the United States. Our catnip contains high concentrations of the naturally occurring “cat-active” ingredient: Nepeta cataria, truly making our brand worthy of its name: INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CATNIP. This invigorating substance does wonders for your cats. Watch their eyes light-up with excitement as you rub some catnip on their favorite scratcher, toy, or sprinkle some on the floor. Our catnip is always kept much fresher than our competitors, as it is sealed in a special screw top bottle, with an additional seal that can be removed upon purchase to absolutely keep maximally potent. Our catnip is the world’s first and only pharmacist approved catnip, held to the highest standards. In fact, we test our catnip for purity at a United States GMP certified facility. We grow and package our catnip here in the United States as well to make sure we can oversee the entire process from start to finish. We love our cats, and we know you do too! That’s why we poured so much thought and love into our one-of-a-kind product. We not only use this product for our own cats, but our friends and family use this product for their cats as well. There is no catnip more high quality or potent than ours on the market. Do your cat a favor, and show your cat how special they are to you. Stick with us and you’ll never look anywhere else for catnip ever again, 30 Day Guarantee!

Product Features

  • PURE and ALL-NATURAL! No dyes, preservatives, nitrates or pesticides! Made for cat-lovers who really want to go the extra mile for their precious feline companions!
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! Our rigorous standards for quality will leave your cat wondering why you didn’t buy this for them before. We’re the only catnip brand that is truly “Industrial Strength”. Our catnip is ultra-potent, containing high levels of the “cat-active” naturally occurring compound: Nepeta cataria.
  • GROWN & PACKAGED IN THE USA! Tested for purity in a United States GMP certified facility! Our catnip is held to the highest standards. All steps of process are overseen here in the United States from growing to packaging.
  • DOUBLE-SEALED FOR MAXIMUM FRESHNESS! Our catnip has a unique screw-top bottle protected with a special seal that can be removed upon purchase, maximizing freshness. We “double-seal” our catnip to preserve its ultra-potency. Conveniently sized bottle, 5.6 inches in height. Easy to store!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We are completely confident that no other catnip comes even close to the quality of this amazing product. Buy the best on the market with absolute confidence. Your cat will thank you for it.

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