Enjoy Freely Running Around In the Neighborhood or In the Woods While Still Communicating With Each Other

Gone are the days of the 100-foot range, clunky devices that require you to be almost in visual range to use.

Kidzlane Walkie-Talkies boast a range of up to two miles and will definitely make even the parents
jealous that they didn’t have this amazing walkie talkie when they were kids!

Able To Communicate On Three Separate Channels, an Ideal Toy For Any Game

Kidzlane Walkie Talkies feature not one, but THREE separate channels, that will make it an ideal means
of communication for every Capture The Flag game, or just about any game around the neighborhood!

A Safety Tool For Parents As Well

KidzLane Walkie Talkies can offer you the peace of mind you need when it comes to watching over your
kid from a distance.

Whether you need it to keep an eye out on them at the park, or you want your kids to be able to
communicate from their room, our Walkie Talkie’s got you covered at the push of a button!

Sturdy, Compact, Playful. Anything You Would Ever Want from a Child’s Toy

Our Walkie Talkies feature a sturdy build that will ensure durability, and sport a playful design and LED indicators
to keep your children intrigued and interested in it.

They can also last up to 9 hours on standby and 3.5 hours with continuous use.

A Multitude Of Features Suitable For Every Child

Our Walkie talkies are an instant favorite. Being the #1 best-sellers in Amazon’s Kids’ Walkie Talkies,
you can rest assured we offer you a quality product that will ensure kids of all ages have fun and stay safe.

Don’t Waste A Moment! Grab The #1 Best Selling Walkie Talkie Set There Is And Enter A World of Fun!

Product Features

  • FUN/EASY TO USE – Set includes (2) Walkie Talkies for kids. With simple push-to-talk operation, Walkie Talkies instantly transform kids of all ages into secret agents and spies.
  • PLAYFUL DESIGN – Black Walkie Talkies feature LED Indicators and a clip on belt holder for easy carrying and ultimate role-playing.
  • MAX RANGE +3 CHANNELS – With a 2-mile range and 3 separate channels, they make the perfect spy gadget!
  • HOURS OF FUN – Our kidzlane Walkie Talkies battarie last 9 hours on standby (3.5 hours on continuous use) for maximum play/communication.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – These toy Walkie Talkies make a great gift for kids, and provide enjoyment for adults.

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