The LucidSound LS20 is a new class of gaming headset, bridging the gap of high-fidelity audio and advanced gaming control in a stately elegant design.  Featuring Active and Passive modes, the LS20 features a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery, providing powered amplification when used with a console or PC, yet working perfectly as a wired headset when the battery is powered down. Taking its design cues from the previously released LS30, the LS20 features the acclaimed ear-cup controls, allowing gamers to instantly and intuitively access game volume, game mute, and mic mute when used with a console or PC. Plug in a smartphone and volume, mute, mic mute, call, and playback controls are at your fingertips. Bass boost allows for enhanced bass response for an even more powerful audio range and built in mic-monitoring allows players to hear their own voice through the headset. Both a removable boom mic and an integrated mic make the LS20 a truly multi-use headset.

Product Features

  • Amplified headset with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 40mm speakers for booming bass, crystal-clear highs, and bass boost
  • Memory foam ear pads for enhanced comfort and innovative easy to use controls
  • Removable boom mic and playback/call controls for use as a mobile headset
  • Solid metal construction for added durability

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