This creative travel bag is nearly 50% larger than our popular fabric books. Unzips to reveal a colorful train filled with stuffed animals from A to Z, with a matching letter on the back. Includes a valuable information card of these exciting animals. Children can learn to identify letters and sounds while they play! No plastic pieces to break, and no wooden or metal pieces that can hurt! Perfect for travel and is soft enough to use for a pillow at quiet times. This unique item is hand-crafted with the quality that only Pockets of Learning provides in children’s fabric toys and gifts. Contact us for FREE, Fast Replacement of a lost piece for the life of your product!Unzip this 10-by-14-inch, bright turquoise, soft cloth book, and you’ll find two animal-packed alphabet trains spanning both pages. Each train car is a pocket, and each pocket is embroidered with a letter of the alphabet. Inside the pockets you’ll find friendly little pillow animals, each one marked with a letter of the alphabet: the pink elephant rides in the E car, and the green alligator rides in the A car. Your child will love taking the animals out of the pockets and stuffing them back in (a favorite toddler activity). You’ll have fun teaching your child the names of the animals and letters, such as N for newt and X for xenops. When playtime is over, your toddler can zip the whole gang safely inside, grab the sturdy handle, and tote the little animals to their next destination. –Elisabeth Fredrickson

Product Features

  • Pockets of Learning BEST SELLER!
  • Missing pieces are repalced FREE!
  • Quality that only Pockets of Learning provides in children’s fabric toys and gifts!

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