Notes: Parents and guardians must be present when the children under the age of 6 are assembling a jigsaw puzzle.


The PLAYWIN brand was established by a group of creative young people. We provide puzzle games and toys for children; meanwhile we bring the related products of outdoor sports for more young people. We are constantly innovating in order to achieve the mission “make the world more interesting”. Thank you for your interest in our products. Wish you have a pleasant experience!


Product name: animal series – Sika Deer, Sika Deer is a terrestrial animal in one of the strongest and biggest animals, is also the second largest land animals, about 56 million of the early Eocene when the earliest members of the family of rhinos, symbol of courage and love.

Size: 280mm*86mm*308mm;

Accessories: 46 PCS;

Assembly time:35-60 minutes, 60 or more minutes for the first puzzle;

Characteristics: Renewable paperboard material, no harm and no pollution;

Game experience: It can improve children’s practical and spatial thinking ability.

And let your children understanding the nature and animal knowledge.

It can be used as the media of parent-child interaction and displayed as an important achievement of children.

It can also be a gift that children give to friends and relatives.

●Assembling method:

A.Two tablets of each parts, the same digital need overlapping assembling;

B. remove parts from the cardboard, remove the parts one piece by one piece in accordance with the order to avoid confusion.

C. Some card vertebral is close; it is not easy to dial out after the assembly. If you need to repeat, please pay attention to small parts when disassembly and assembly.

Product Features

  • These a series of jigsaw puzzles which are made of corrugated papers will display many advantages that make you be fond of and unwilling to part with them. And their best feature is biodegradable and recyclable. This is very much in line with the theme of today’s world of “Return to nature, Protect environment”;
  • Playwin corrugated papers 3D jigsaw puzzle is a brilliantly creative game,it is the best parent-child game and holiday gift.;
  • Animal lines of Playwin 3D jigsaw puzzles are suitable for you to complete together with your children let your children make a lifelike animal world by himself.
  • Not only do you complete a game, but also you will have a important art display at home made by yourselves.
  • The time of completing this puzzle is about 35-60 minutes. If you can complete it within this time, it shows that your interaction with children is very successful.

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