This little treasures cartoon tool comes complete with functioning drill with different bits to complete many different types of projects. This high quality drill from Little Treasures comes with the choice of bits, allowing your child to work with many types of screws. The drill has a button and when pressed makes noises and makes the drill bits spin. This drill offer your child hours of endless fun, as they interact with the ruler to ensure their work looks good. This drill is part of the little treasures tool series, and with the complete set they can be used to manipulate materials into a new invention of your child’s choosing. This is the perfect gift for any girl or boy with interest in building, creating, and fun. Description: High quality Cartoon tool from Little Treasures, functioning drill with bits, ruler, and business card, all beautifully packaged and containing everything your child needs to get creative. While interacting with the tools children learn dexterity from using the drill bits to screw in different screws, requiring accuracy and coordination. This set allow you kid to introduce themselves to other contractors and make new business plans!

Product Features

  • With hours of endless fun children can enter the construction industry with a sense of pride and construct anything they can imagine.
  • Allows your child to not only develop dexterity, but to also to feel a sense of accomplishment having their very own tool just like the adults.
  • Great way to help develop imagination and get creative, a play tool that your child will able to play with again and again in the realm of fantasy.
  • Watch your child’s face light up as they play with friends and develop vital communication skills on how to share the tool.
  • Perfect for both boys and girls. The little treasures tool is fun for your child to play with time and time again!

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