OUR VIEW: Real FX is unlike any other race system we have ever seen or experienced, using AI to create the best of video game, slot car & R/C. MANUFACTURERS COPY: No lanes, no slots. Real FX patented system creates the most realistic racing experience outside of a real car on a real track. But, unlike any other system Real FX also works off track as R/C.

Product Features

  • THE MOST REALISTIC RACING – outside of a real car on a real track
  • NO SLOTS, NO LANES – overtake anywhere on track with ‘Ackerman’ style steering
  • THE BEST OF ALL 3! – said Pistonheads (referring to Video games, Slot racers and R/C)
  • REALISTIC RACE PLAY & HAZARDS – overtake anywhere on track, oil spills, lap times, mechanical failures, tyre blow outs and more
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – helps you stay on the track
  • BATTERY SYSTEM LASTS LONGER – compared with other systems (Real FX = Over 4 hours!)
  • SINGLE OR MULTI-PLAYER ACTION! – switch your second car into Ai pace car mode for single player race duels
  • Batteries 6 AA & 6 AAA batteries required.

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