TNT interactive’s Xbox One SuperCharger with Intercooler and 2 rechargeable batteries included!!

Multifunctional – 4 USB ports with powerful output for data transferring and charging

Large Cooler Fan – Keep your Xbox One cool and functioning at optimal performance with the twin fan intercooler . No need to worry about your Xbox overheating from long hours of game play while also extending the life of your console.

Dual Charging Station – Charging station with 2 charger ports and two batteries to charge two of your wireless controllers simultaneously, saving you time and keeping them charged when your not gaming.

Please note the following

1. The display light does not indicate charging status. Please refer to your settings on the Xbox dashboard for battery charging status.

2. Rechargeable battery packs are INCLUDED.

3. The LED light is constantly on when the SuperCharger is in use. This can be switched off using the button on the charging unit or powered off when the console is completely shut down

Set up this Super Charger onto the front of your Xbox One via snap joints, Connects to the Xbox One by an integrated USB cable. Press the power button to start the cooling fan for heat dissipation. The heat is pulled out of the console in concert with the internal fans of the console for added cooling.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this and all of the products from TNT interactive. Please contact us directly with any issues or questions you may have.

Product Features

  • Keep your console cool and have your controllers charging when not in use RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED!
  • 4 USB ports on the front to expand the charging and data transferring ability of your Xbox One
  • The intercooler’s internal turbo fan will dissipate the heat generated from hours of gaming. This will keep your console operating at peak performance.
  • Please note this product does not come with wireless controllers or rechargeable batteries
  • Powered directly from your Xbox One console, we recommend using the TNT interactive or Microsoft brand rechargeable batteries.

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