Multifunctional colourful fine wooden shape shorting clock features 12 blocks in different shapes, numbers and colours, which fit into matching slots on the clock. It is an ideal toy to promote fun play and learning. Younger children start with learning numbers, shapes and colours and then move on to telling the time. With lots of “timely” information on the hands and clock face, this is the perfect toy to help children master an abstract concept. This is one of fun and educational wooden toys by toys of wood oxford, exclusively available from amazon. All toys by toys of wood oxford meet the criteria set by the ec toy safety directive. It has iso 9002 certificate and conforms to en71.

Product Features

  • Best seller in the UK! Finest wooden teaching clock features 12 wooden blocks, each a different shape, which fit into matching slots on the clock, numbers of dots at bottom side correspond with the numbers on the top of the blocks.
  • The hour and minute hands are labelled very clearly, and the hours (1-12) are marked both on the shape sorter blocks and on the face of the clock. The five minute intervals are also clearly marked, showing how an hour is made up.
  • Suitable for age 2 years plus. 2 years or younger children can learn shapes, colours, numbers and counting then gradually to learn to tell the time. All the blocks are bigger than choking hazard testing tube. Dimensions: 22.8cms (diameter).
  • Beautifully smooth natural wood craft with ce standard, environmental friendly and non-toxic paints. All wooden toys by toys of wood oxford are tested by the seller’s or friends’ own children.

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