Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get in shape fast, or you’re looking to take your boxing or crossfit training to the next level, we’ve got great news for you…

Urgent Sport and Fitness Jump Rope is a high quality speedrope style jump rope that is incredibly easy to use and amazingly effective. You don’t need expensive gym equipment or memberships to get an intense workout.

You’ll find that your jump rope is fully adjustable without the use of any tools! You will love the quality feel to the cable wire, the comfortable handles, and the sleek design.

Unlike most of our competitors, the Urgent Sport and Fitness Jump Rope comes with not only a carrying case but also a convenient sports towel. Workout in style!

Even hardcore fitness freaks (crossfit and MMA enthusiasts) often don’t realize the full benefits of a jump rope like this. With our speed rope, you can achieve:

– Real weight loss
– Improved heart health
– Build muscle and muscle tone
– Burn calories (a lot faster than doing your “steps”)
– Work multiple parts of your body
– Develop serious endurance
– Amazing exercise
– Fun! (believe me, mastering double unders is a lot of fun!)

The Urgent Sport and Fitness Jump Rope is certified kink-free–it does not tangle. It’s also extremely lightweight.

We are so confident in our jump rope that we want to tell you very plainly:

If you are not completely happy with this jump rope, please just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to issue you a full refund. It’s really that simple.

Purchase with complete confidence – risk free!

Product Features

  • Speed Rope – Jump rope spins ultra fast and is perfect for serious crossfit and boxing training.
  • Double Unders With Ease – Master the art of double unders – get a serious workout at home!
  • Adjustable Jump Rope – Rope is fully adjustable with no tools whatsoever – super simple.
  • Fitness Rope – Stay fit and in shape with this rope – don’t buy expensive equipment.
  • Skipping Rope – Man or woman, it doesn’t matter – if you need exercise you need this rope!

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