These are replacement X-BOX ONE GREEN empty standard single Game boxes with full clear wrap-around sleeve so you can put the papers on the outside of the case. The cases are 12mm thick – the exact size of the standard XBOX ONE boxes you buy in the store. The cases also have the little clips inside so booklets can still be held in the case with the game disc!

Perfect for replacing your broken down, scratched up, and torn X-Box One cases to make them look new again!

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike official XBOX ONE cases, these cases hold the disc on the right side and the booklet on the left side.

Product Features

  • Replace your broken or scratched XBOX ONE
  • These are the same size as the ones the XBOX ONE come in when you buy them in the store
  • Brighten up Your Collection!
  • These cases are 5-3/8″ x 6-3/4″ x ~1/4″ (12mm) thick.
  • Full Wrap Around Sleeve for Art

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