This spinning cyclone stunt car will wow, dazzle and impress with blazing colors!

This remote control stunt car is amazing! It is really fast and performs many tricks with dazzling display of colors. It features 2 monster front wheels, 2 smaller back wheels, and a balancing head wheel. The front and back wheels light-up! This stunt car performs cyclone spins, stand-up action and head-stand action.

It features catchy music that is fun and upbeat. The controller is comfortable to hold and has a good range. Includes rechargeable battery unit and adapter. Batteries are included.

This awesome stunt car is a ton of fun!

Product Features

  • Fun RC stunt car features big wheels and amazing spinning action!
  • Performs 360 degrees cyclone spins with cool light effects!
  • Performs amazing tricks like stand-up action and head-stand action
  • Features catchy music that is fun and upbeat
  • Includes rechargable battery unit

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