The fidget spinner is the ideal portable toy for your office, home, classroom, or on the go. Unlike touch phones and tablets that keep the action on screen, the spinner allows you to directly interact. When you’re at work, school, waiting for an appointment, or dealing with the pressure of an anxiety disorder, the spinner gives you permission to play.

Work on clearing your head and mastering your motor skills. The layout of our spinner guides your attention directly to the fun at hand. And when you’re stressed out, it’s always nearby to help you de-stress. Soon you’ll be refocused on your job, family, and hobbies, your mood will be lifted, and your productivity will soar.

As tasks in your life pile up, the tension of dealing with them also tends to rise. Don’t stew at your desk or overeat at lunch to cope with the strain. Let off some steam by seeing how long you can spin. Soon you’ll replace stress with calm, anxiety with peace, and boredom with entertainment.

Anyone over the age of 3 is the right fit for this gadget. Kids will love it for its small size and variety, while adults will appreciate the quick and convenient diversion from sensory overload. If you’re feeling the effects of anxiety, or simply want to have fun, this spinner can help you conquer the uneasiness and add enjoyment to your day.

Our spinners are made with trouble free bearings, designed to rotate smoothly every time you play. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the rotating action, which will spark you to free your mind from immediate worries and onto new ideas.

-Fdiget spinner toy
-Relieves stress and anxiety
-Ideal for office and classroom
-Choose from 4 colors
-Suitable for ages 3 and up

Product Features

  • ULTIMATE SPINNER – The Ralix spinner toy is your perfect fun distraction at work or at school, while serving as a cool tool to reduce tension and pressure for important tasks and projects
  • IMPROVE FOCUS – Calm your mind from racing with this sensory widget, which improves your attention span, creativity, and mental focus to stay on course in your business and academic work
  • RELIEVE STRESS – Our ergonomic spinners are natural management devices to relieve stress, angst, and restlessness, all built up by the everyday burden of office, school, and household responsibilities
  • FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN – Whether it’s adults in the workplace or kids in the classroom, our spin toys help everyone over age 3 relieve energy and organize their thoughts for stress free living
  • FAST BEARINGS – The perfect gift for fidgets, this spinner features super smooth and fast bearings like those used in inline skates to sustain extended spinning, inspiring you to relax even longer

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