The Bath Toys Organizer

– It is a perfect solution to make your messy bathroom, neat, clean and clutter free. It can also be used to store soaps, shampoos etc.

The Suction Cups

– The suction cups are bigger and better than the cups available with most of the same kind of products available in the market.

– Suction cups are to be used on smooth tiles, glass surfaces or on other perfectly flat areas.

How to Make Suction Cup Stick to Tile?

1. Clean the surface with tile cleaner, rinse and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth to remove any mildew or soap particle.

2. Clean the suction cups with a lint-free cloth.

3. Place a small amount of petroleum jelly or cooking oil around the inner edge of each suction cup. This will form a seal and keep the air from getting underneath.

4. Press the suction cup firmly in place, making sure there are no air bubbles between the cup and the surface.

5. Allow the suction cup to set for 10 to 12 hours before adding weight.

1) Strong suction cups perfect for smooth tiles and mirrors. These suction cups are not made for bumpy tile or other porous material.
2) Bonus suction cups are perfect for glass and mirrors.

The Bag

– The size of the bath toy bag is optimized to hold large number of toys.

– It is designed in such a way, that it provides ventilation from all sides, which helps the drying process.

– The fabric and design of the bag makes it durable and washable.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! !If you have any issue, please send the email that comes with the product for a replacement or refund.

Product Features

  • THE BEST BATH TOYS ORGANIZER: Sometimes you might wonder, why your bathroom is never clean .That is because, up until now, you didn’t have an effective bath organizer. Here, Bonzerdigs is predsenting you The Best Baby Bath Toy Bag
  • AN OPTIMIZED AND WELL RESEARCHED PRODUCT: This Bath Toy Bag is sufficiently large, (30 cm x 40 cm), to hold a large number of toys and it comes with super strong suction cups. The size and design of the bag and suction cups are optimized to complement each other.
  • DURABLE AND WASHABLE: The fabric of the bag makes it durable and the design makes it easier to dry quickly. Not only does it allows the toys to drain the water through the advanced mesh design but also to dry itself quickly from all sides which will prevent mildew in bath toys.
  • THE BEST IN CLASS SUCTION CUPS: The suction cups are the critical element of the product. We provide the best and the strongest. Perfect for Bathroom Tiles and Mirrors.
  • BONUS: We give two extra suction cups with the product absolutely FREE. It will provide you with the option to move you Bath Toy Organizer according to your needs without dismantling the suction cups again and again. Perfect for Mirrors and Glass surface.

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