This bath toy organizer keeps all bath toys organized and in one place until next time. They will dry out between baths. The three sewn in suction cups allow for an extra strong hold without additional hardware. This holder could also be used to store things that adults use, like a loofah or a small bottle of deep conditioner.

With this bundle, you get an assortment of five sea animals that magically grow in water. They start out at approximately 1-2 inches and grow in the water to about 2.5-3 inches. “Kids” of all ages will love and have fun with these!

Product Features

  • Bath toy organizer has 3 sewn in suction cups for an extra strong hold
  • Its large, washable mesh bag has 3 pockets to hold all the toys a child wants at bath time; bottom pocket is extra wide
  • Sturdy enough to hold adult items as well, like loofahs and small bottles
  • This bundle comes with an assortment of 5 sea animals that grow in water
  • The longer you leave them in water, the larger they grow; sea animals grow from approximately 1-2 inches to 2.5-3 inches

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