ISO2001:2008 certified and meets EN-71 & ASTM D-4236 standards.

Use the perfect quality watercolor coloring pencils for coloring, shading and blending. Large variety of colors to achieve beautiful drawings in coloring books, especially when used as water color pencil set. Perfect colored pencils effect when used wet pencil on wet paper and dry pencil on wet paper No worries of damaged or broken leads inside the package.
– Set of 48 premium colored drawing pencils, packed in craft tube box.
– Use for drawing, coloring, blending and shading.
– Wooden, eco friendly, non toxic.

Colored drawing pencils allow different levels of pressure without damaging the leads.

-You can try different levels of pressure (from light to strong pressing) without breaking the lead or damaging the paper.

-5-year old child tested.

– Can fall of the table without breaking, non twistable due to shape.

Color draw pencil set of pencils is delivered in portable sturdy pencils box.

-The packaging prevents draw pencil to be broken when traveling.
-Well designed craft tube box to match perfect gift for kids.
– Easy to find the perfect color needed.

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Product Features

  • Perfect 48 WATER color pencil set to achieve rich colors and enjoy the creativity.
  • Pencil COLORINGS are very simple to use, no brush is needed, only wet tip of a pencil.
  • Colored pencils CASE with strong leads, no need to sharpen each time..
  • DRAW PENCIL SET is delivered in sturdy pencils box.
  • Great customer service with full no questions asked money back guarantee. YOUR HAPPYSPOT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

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