Does bath time with your child end up with toys scattered all over your bathroom? Our Bath Toy Bags will solve that problem so that you can spend more time with your child and less time cleaning the bathroom. Attach the bags to your bathroom tiles or bath using their suction cups and thats IT! Put all of your child’s toys in our bags to dry to prevent mold from growing. Once it’s time for the next bath, all of your child’s toys will be in one convenient, space saving place. It’ also a perfect gift for baby shower, Mother’s day! TIPS: Our stronger than average suction cups are made for attaching on smooth tiles and glass doors. But they won’t work on textured tiles. If you encounter any issues, contact us for a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Add It To Cart Now to Start Saving Your Time and Maintaining an Organized Bathroom!

Product Features

  • Your purchase comes with one high quality bag attached with strong suction cups plus FOUR Sea Squirts kids Bath Toys. If you encounter any issues, contact us for a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • With two stronger-than-average suction cups, our bags easily attach to the smooth surface of your tiles, bathtub or bath for efficient storage. Since they’re easy to move around, our bags won’t get in your way and will always match your bathroom’s interior with its classic white design.
  • Benefit your children’s health and the longevity of their toys by keeping them dry and free of pesky mold. Made with 100% polyester, our bags are mildew resistant to keep your bathroom safe and clean.
  • No more throwing around toys because our product has been tested and loved by many parents as a simple solution. Our bags offer 13.5″ x 17.5″ of space to store all of your bath toys in one convenient place. With a mess-free bathroom, you have more time to rest and spend with your family.
  • BONUS: Cut down your time searching for bath ideas because your purchase includes a FREE E-Guide of Fun Bath Time Activities that we’ve compiled for you. Your beautifully designed PDF will be sent to your email within 5 days of your purchase. It’s a perfect idea sheet for you to have stress free bath time with your babies or toddlers.

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