The Reason Why You Should Choose This Car: You Could Own Two Kinds of Cars at the Same Time!

One Key Transformation: The Bfull RC car will transform automatically when you press the bottom on the controller. It will be a off-road vehicle when it’s body bowing ; and it will be a rennwagen car when it is flat. Two kinds of shape , two ways of playing and two experience for fun!

Double Side-Driving: There is no clear distinction between its front body and back body. When this RC car hits to some obstacles and flips over, you just need to press the transform key, then it will transform automatically and keep running. You need not turn it over back by your own!

– Radio System: 2.4GHz
– Drive system: 4WD
-Play Time of Original Battery: 15-25 mins (Depends on playing operations)
-Play Time of Extra Battery: 15-30 mins (Depends on playing operations)
-Charging Time: No more than 8 hours
– Speed: 15km/h
-Remote Control Battery: 2x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included, Can not rechargeable)
-Size: 43.5cm x 30.5cm x 19 cm (1/10)

Please Note
1.The remote controller require two 1.5V AA non-rechargeablr batteries.
2.Please keep the Remote Control Car away from fire and high temperature places
3.Do not put this toy car into the water, otherwise, the electronic parts will be damaged. The car is not waterproof; it only withstands splashes.
4.Pay attention to the polarities and types of the batteries when you install them.
5. The charging time is No more than 8 hours; please do not over charge.
6.Please charge the battery after it has been run out when you first use it. And please make sure that the power switch is “OFF” and remove the battery in the car body when the car is not in use.

Package Included
1 x RC Car
1 x 2.4G remote controller
2 x rechargeable battery pack
1 x USB charger
1 x user manual
1 x screwdriver

Product Features

  • 1.【One Key Transformation】This RC ricochet has a key of transformation on the controller. When you press the button, the RC car will transform and twist automatically and it’s body will be bowing and the four wheels grabbing the ground more tightly and steady. The car will change into a off-road vehicle from a flat-shape.It can only turn directions when it is running.
  • 2.【Both Side-Driving】This RC car can be driven upside down when it flips over to another body; then the entire vehicle can still run because it is over flat. And the car is a racing car when it stretches out.
  • 3.【Heavy Duty Wheels and Powerful Speed】This remote control car is designed with durable, strong and powerful components to provide you the realistic racing and off-road game experience. Especially, it has the bionic spine design which will make the car more flexible. And it can have the speed up to 15 Km/h. This monster truck also has durable, non-slip and well-designed tires which can provide high speed and stable running performance.
  • 4.【 Responsive Controls】 This rock crawler is designed with accurate 2.4GHz Radio control that can be easily driven by your hands. It has a strong turbine to provide stable performance on any terrain, grass landscape, sand and concrete ground.
  • 5.【Powered with Rechargeable Batteries】This buggy hobby car includes two 9.6V AA rechargeable battery packs which will last 15-25 minutes for each on a non-stop operation for play.

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