Is the irritation of gums during the Teething process making your baby quite uncomfortable and you are unable to do something about it?

Are you finding it hard to select the right baby teether which is safe for your child and also effective in giving him relief from the painful teething process?

Well, it is tricky but we can help you! We understand that as a Mother safety of your child remains your top priority. Therefore, we bring to you the best-in-class Baby Teething Toys that can be trusted for their quality and functional effectiveness. Some of the many benefits of our Teething Toys are:

✔ Made up of 100% BPA, Phthalate and Lead FREE; FDA Compliant Food-Grade Material
✔ An integrated single component which has no loose parts unlike other toys in the market
✔ No loose parts means no risk of swallowing
✔ Desired Texture – Offers sufficient resistance required for giving relief to your child
✔ Perfect Size – fits well in your baby’s fingers and mouth – making it comfortable for him/her
✔ Byro Toys Baby Teethers come in incredible shapes and designs – appealing to use
✔ Easy to clean – without any difficult-to-access corners or grooves – making it hygienic for the baby
✔ Solid enough to not break when chewed by baby
✔ Doubles as a playing toy too
✔ Discourages growth of bacteria and any odour


With each baby teether you also get a free e-book on teething to help you understand the process of teething better, eliminating the need to look anywhere else for information on teething.


We also offer you 60-Days money back Guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get Byro Toys Baby Teether to help your baby smoothly transition the difficult Teething phase!

Product Features

  • EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF – Our teethers are specially designed to soothe baby’s irritated sore gums while offering a playful baby toy similar to a baby rattle or teething biscuit. They are DISHWASHER safe and can be used FROZEN or at a room temperature
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- Our confidence in our BYRO teethers is so high that we are offering you a 60 days money back guarantee. And not only that. Every customer will receive FREE E-BOOK on teething. So what are you waiting for? Click the buy button and make your baby smile TODAY!
  • 100% SAFE – As parents we know how our baby’s health is vulnerable and we take no chances on safety. Our taste and smell free teethers are FDA and CE approved and FREE OF: PVC, BPA, Latex, Rubber, Lead, Phthalate, Nitrosamines, Paraben, Artificial colors, gels and chemical softeners. Food grade silicone is soft and feels lovely on little teething gums.
  • COLORFUL & FUN- Our BYRO baby teethers will not only massage your baby’s gums and relief the pain but entertain as well. The unique shapes, bright colors and easy to grasp and hold teethers will quickly become a favorite teething toy of your little angel.
  • VISUAL STIMULATION – Stimulates motor, visual, and sensory development. The multi surface ridge design features make this a great autism sensory toy and suitable for children with special needs

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