Store Indya is a travel quest to unravel the forgotten hand crafted skills of India…

Store Indya was something that was created as a result of family trips we took across India. While travelling, we not only saw different cultures in different parts of India, but we also realized each corner of India has its own secret. They all have their own unique art forms that’s known to only a very few in India, and almost unknown to the rest of the world. We discovered that these age-old glorious skills are getting suppressed. The artisans that we work with are trying to continue the dying legacy of their artwork. Each artwork handcrafted by them is an end product of their hard and meticulous work.

Store Indya wants to revive these art forms and at the same time empower these skilled artists. We want to present different art forms and create a whole new product by itself that has never been created before.

Overall, these products not only stand for aesthetics and traditions, but the designs on it also represent various socio-cultural issues that we want to talk about with the world and even encourage others to talk about it by gifting these handicrafts to one another. We want our products to not just sit quietly, looking pretty in a corner of your home, but in fact speak your mind. We at Store Indya believe in – “Design to empower.”

Product Features

  • Dimensions: Length – 4 inches x Width – 2 inches x Height – 3 inches
  • The ultra cute owl-inspired door stopper will add a quirky spin to your space whilst keeping your door propped open
  • Its wedged design helps keep a large variety of doors open
  • Polished. Will not ruin the floors or your carpet
  • Finely crafted by artisans in Northern India, who have been creating products of beauty and utility just like this, using simple tools & age old techniques

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