Product Description:

Criacr vertical stand is a utility all-in-one component for PS4game player, so that you could buy fewer separate devices for your PS4 console.High-powereddual cooling fans decrease the temperature inside the console in order to playfluent game.


1.      Please put it on a draftyplatform when using.

2.     Please do not block any ventilation fence on each side.

3.     Please do not put any objects inside through the louver to avoidshort circuit.

4.     Please use a dry cloth to clean it rather thanwater or alcohol.

5.     Please disconnect it with PS4/PS4 Slim console when cleaning.

6.     Please disconnect any device or port when you don’t use it.

7.     Please do not put it at high temperature or in a humid environment.

8.     Please do not disassemble it by yourselves.


–  Power device: USB 5V(connect with the PS4/PS4 Slim console directlythrough the attached USB cable)

–  Product current: 400mA(“L” gear)/480mA(“H” gear)(without charging)

When charging one PS4 controller, the maximum current can reach800mA. When charging two PS4 controllers together, the average current for eachcontroller can reach 400mA(when fans are not turned on).

– Maximum speed: 6000±10%PRM

– Maximum air volume: 12.6 CFM

– Charging time: 2.5-3H(when charging two controllers together)

– Product size: 377×142×30mm(L*W*H)

– Product material: ABS

Package includes:

1×PS4/PS4 Slim Vertical Stand

1×User Manual

8×Controller Thumb Grips

Product Features

  • 【3-port USB HUB+2 handle charging ports】Game console vertical stand+cooling fans+dual controller charging station+3-port USB HUB+8 controller thumb grips
  • 【Two High-speed cooling fans:】Two different levels of different switches,keep your Playstation 4 cool and calim.Make sure your PS4 / PS4 Slim won’t overheating and burning your table from long hours of game playing,so that it improve the operational life span.
  • 【Support for PS4/SLIM two models】This powerful item offering all-in-one convenience for purchasers is completely compatible with PS4 and PS4 Slim.An additional 8 handle handle caps are provided to prevent the game controller handles from aging during the use of the gamepad.
  • 【One-piece vertical bracket saves space】There is room for vertical placement of game consoles and handles.Fitted slots allow your PS4/PS4 Slim and controllers to stand upright and prevent them from moving, save a lot of space and keep them in stable and safety.
  • 【Keep Your Controller Powered】The controller charging station for DualShock 4 makes it easy to charge both your wireless controllers simultaneously-using just one cable connected to the console, and controllers sit upright in the dock as they charge, they are always ready for next game whenever you pick them up.

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