Polka Dot Jet has all of the amenities for a fashionably great time!
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Open the side to reveal more options for fun!
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High-Flying Fashion

Fly in style with Minnie Mouse and her very own Polka Dot Jet. This fashionable aircraft features a cabin for play or relaxation, along with a second floor salon. Plus, with its stylish polka dot exterior and a signature bow, this jet is unmistakably Minnie – and unmistakably fabulous! Minnie loves to fly in her fantastic jet, and she wants your child to come along. This Polka Dot Jet combines the excitement of traveling with Minnie’s signature style and fun. Your child will love dreaming up destinations for the globe-trotting team of Minnie and Daisy. After all, sometimes the journey is more fabulous than the destination!

A Salon In The Sky

Even though she’s thousands of feet above sea level, Minnie can still find ways to stay fashionable. Open the side of the Polka Dot Jet to reveal the inner cabin, where Minnie has plenty of room to play, serve food, relax in a chair, or chat with Daisy. Plus, when it comes to staying pretty and precious, Minnie can head up to the second level to primp her ears and unwind in a salon chair. She can even move to the cockpit and play pilot. Minnie’s Polka Dot Jet offers plenty of options for fun, airborne activities.

Soar In Style & Land In Luxury

With over ten play pieces, Minnie’s Polka Dot Jet delivers lavish frills in excess. In addition to Minnie, Daisy, and their luggage, the playset also includes a food cart, salon chair, fold-down vanity mirror, and two cabin chairs that can be arranged in different configurations. Not to mention, the wing unfolds into a staircase and a runway. With all these amenities, Minnie’s Polka Dot Jet is a flying wonderland of luxury.

Hours Of “In-Flight” Entertainment

Whether she’s up in the air or rolling down the runway, Minnie has style and enthusiasm to spare. With activities galore and Minnie’s signature style, your child can use her imagination to visit any magically exotic location – and of course, getting there is half the fun! No matter how your child decides to spend her time in the sky, Minnie’s Polka Dot Jet delivers hours of in-flight entertainment.

Second level salon for Minnie and Daisy to primp and unwind
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  • Open the jet to reveal a cabin and second floor salon
  • Wing folds down into stairs and a runway
  • Flip-down vanity mirror in the back of cabin
  • Comes with 10 play pieces, including Minnie and Daisy figures

Product Features

  • Get ready to jet away with Minnie and Daisy in the Polka Dot Jet
  • Friends and fashion always go together in Minnie’s world
  • Includes a Minnie and Daisy figure
  • Jet has a play room and a hair salon
  • Fun play pieces including 2 suitcases, a food cart and a salon hair dryer

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