1. What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is a precious metal cherished throughout history for its beauty, durability and timelessness. Denoted by the standard 925, it refers to the 92.5% content of pure silver in the metal, the other 7.5% usually consists of other metals, like copper, which does not change the color of silver but adds to its hardness. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and is typically too soft for jewelry and other silver goods because it can easily be bent, scratched or damaged. That’s why 925 sterling silver item is much more common and popular.

2. Rhodium Plated of Sterling Jewelry

Rhodium is silver-white in color, resistant to tarnish and other forms of corrosion, even acids, and very shiny. It is used in jewelry primarily as a hard protective plating for sterling silver. It is applied as a thin coat through a process of electroplating.

While rhodium is reflective, silver is even shinier. As a result, sterling silver coated with rhodium will not be as bright and shiny as the underlying sterling piece would have been without plating — at least initially. However, over time silver can get tiny scratches, but rhodium coating can minimize such problems. The effect is that as time goes on, rhodium plated sterling silver will continue to keep its fresh look longer.

3. Choosing Sterling Silver Jewelry

An ideal choice for jewelry, sterling silver is not only durable, robust and beautiful, but also naturally aseptic. For this reason people with sensitive ears or sensitive skin often choose sterling silver jewelry over other types of metals, especially in ear piercings, because of its purity. Sterling silver is also one of the most affordable and versatile precious metals on the market. Additionally, silver is a neutral hue that can be worn on a daily basis or any special occasions with any colors.

Product Features

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  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Color: Pink, CZ Color: Clear; Length: 1.3in, width: 0.4in; Each Piece weight: 1.9g
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