Take the ultimate SpaceRail challenge! Featuring multiple paths for your marble to travel including two vertical corkscrews, a see-saw drop, consecutive loops, drop-through steps, a weighted lever, a cascade drop, and three Screw conveyors, this massive ninth level advanced plus set will stretch your skills to the max. Prove your SpaceRail prowess. Perfect for physics classrooms, expert Lego builders, and anyone that loves a challenge in thinking and building.

Product Features

  • Spacerail / Space-wrap Level 8 – Over 120 ft of track , easy to assmeble
  • Great Gift for special occasion for big boy / adult toy It is really a magic decoration for your room once its assembled. The wait is over and your kid can countinue the long journey
  • Kids Authority Brand and trade mark ,Stainless steel marble(included)
  • Each Spacerail comes with detailed illustrations and instructions
  • Challenging toy for kids and adult

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