Your Baby’s first Harp will be a toy that lasts. It is made of durable ABS plastic and the batteries are secure. It has many functions to entertain your baby.

Power (Button) press this first

– Plays the distinct sound to let you know it is on and a different sound for powered off

– Automatic turn off function is self activated after 60 seconds

Harp Strings:

– Press all Harp strings for In Tune Freeplay mode with matching LED lights

– When you strum the strings during (Music Button) you can control the music

Music (Button)

– Plays childhood and 8 Classical songs (see below)

o Mary had a Little Lamb, Oh Susanna, Old McDonald had a Farm, Bingo, Do Re Mi – Sound of Music, Beetoven 9th Ode to Joy, Children classic, Jingle Bells

– Will play consistently if your child continues to press the Harp strings.

– LED lights will also follow the music and you child can get the feeling that they are playing.

Notes (Button) – Plays from 5 different short segment sounds

Animal Sound (Button) – Plays from 5 different mid size segments with animal sounds with music

Lullaby (Button)

– Plays continuous soft full length famous childhood Lullaby songs

– Lullaby does NOT turn off until any button is pressed for sleep time

Product Features

  • Small size for easy travel. Continuous play 10 LULLABY tunes.Perfect for Bedtime
  • One of two color combinations selected at random.
  • 2 AA Batteries INCLUDED. Safe with secure battery cover. Strong plastic.
  • IR device to detect baby’s fingers and plays recorded harp sounds
  • Sing along to an additional 8 classic children’s songs with LED lights.Baby can toggle the music on and off with Harp strings

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