When your child gets into this Kids Christopher Columbus Costume, he’ll probably go out into the neighborhood with haste and start recruiting hardy explorers willing to travel the world in search of new passages to new lands. He may start speaking with great interest and knowledge about exotic spices and known seafaring routes from Spain to India. But don’t worry, unless he finds his own Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria he’ll likely be home in time for supper and forget all about Hispaniola.

Product Features

  • Hat, tunic, jacket and shoe covers
  • Durable and stain resistant man-made fabrics
  • A complete costume in seconds
  • Forum Novelties offers a huge variety of historical figures perfect for stage productions
  • Great for play time or Halloween
  • IMPORTANT: Please check Rubie’s size chart and reviews for best results; costumes are not the same as clothing sizes and vary by design

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