-Wonderful and unique dog images. These dogs say it all! Excellent as fun gifts or a fun gag, these adorable little guys will help everyone relax and as your entire office will laugh along with them.

-All types of messages are covered from a little off-color, to a bit bold, to just borderline racy or disarmingly goofy. Assured to generate plenty of attention.

On a Break, In a Meeting – These dogs aren’t just fun, but they’re also practical!
They’ll be the center of attention on anyone’s desk.

-Not sold in stores and created just for the inner office rebel in all of us, MoodyCards can plant the slightly off center seed of wackiness that every office seems to be lacking. If the tension is running high and the laughs are running low then consider a strategically placed MoodyCard! Plant a well-placed card anywhere in your office and you’ll be surprised at the positive feedback (not to mention the goofy comments) that you’ll be sure to receive.
-Priced for any budget, MoodyCards won’t break the bank or even dent the wallet but they will pay you back in smiles given and received.

Order Today Risk Free! – Change Your Office Forever!

Product Features

  • GREET YOUR CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS, GUESTS WITH HUMOR – put a smile on their face the moment they walk in the door. A great conversation starter! Everyone loves Moodycards, the perfect office gifts!
  • LET THE DOGS DO THE TALKING – These great dog pictures capture the mood and say it like it is. Don’t have the nerve to say it, let the pooches do it! These little guys are the perfect funny gifts for men or women, and everyone in the office will love them!
  • HILARIOUS DOG PICTURES – GREAT FOR THE OFFICE – you’ll be amazed at how truly funny these dog pictures are, and how appropriate the messages are! They’ll make everyone laugh – With 20 cards, you’re sure to find one that matches exactly what your mood is. No office should be without them.
  • THE PERFECT LOW-PRICED GIFT – buy one or several and spread them around your office. All desks should be equipped with a Moodycard! It’s a low-cost way to ease any tension in the office and let your co-workers know you love them! Awesome for office parties as Moodycards truly make funny joke gifts. The little guys are perfect for gift exchanges, going away present, stocking stuffers, or funny prank gifts for your boss or teacher!
  • ORDER NOW WITH OUR 100% RISK FREE MONEYBACK GUARANTEE. Moodycards are an exclusive product that you won’t find for sale in stores. They are sold exclusively on Amazon. Get yours today!

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