With the Gamebully EPS chip you control the rate of fire with ANY weapon selected. With our adjustable Rapid Fire setting, easily switch between 8 to 16 (SPS) Shots Per Second. Compatible with all first and third person shooter games, you’ll always have that heavy fire power well within reach. In heavy battle the need for quick cover becomes essential. Easily switch to Drop Shot with Adjustable Rapid Fire and drop for cover while still laying down heavy suppression fire. This feature supports both 8 and 16 Shots Per Second as well as an auto and manual setting. In addition to these modes, many more are available to enhance your gaming experience. Grab the bull by the horns and enhance your gameplay tenfold with the Gamebully EPS Chip.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Rapid Fire Modes
  • Dual 8 Shots Per Second
  • Akimbo 8 Shots Per Second
  • 180 Degree Shot
  • Quick Scope 0.2 Sec

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