***SPIN: Look for a round dial? Take this dial for a spin

***ROCKER:Want to play the joystick and afraid to break the game handle? Then try this thing doesn’t shake

***BREATHE: Repeated use of the fingers and surfact friction, can effectively relieve the pressure and worry

***FLIP: With the same key as the light switch, you can continue to open and close

***ROLL: Experience the password lock, only need to turn these grears

***LANYARD HOLD: You only need to connect on a lanyard or keychain, you can always ccarry the decompression handle

***CLICK: There are 4 buttons above, one 2 is the sound button, the other 2 is the mute button, right click on it

***SHIFT: The toggle paddles, paddles will immediately reset

***MESSAGE: Massage your finger as long as roll your finger on the massage roller


* It’s rubberized, very good feeling, you will love it as soon as you start to play with it

* The Joystick is very flexible, you will have many fun if you are a game enthusiast


1* Fidget Pad 

1* Lanyard

1* Paper Box

Product Features

  • INNOVATORY DESIGN: it’s like a game handle, but it’s a new version fidget toy with 8 sides and 8 function.
  • 8 FUNCTIONS: very flexible joystick, 2 click buttons 2 silent buttons, smooth spin, click switch, noise gear and silent gear on another side, elastic pan button, and with a key string which is easy to carry
  • SMART: it’s small only with and easy to carry to everyhing

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