This is a automatically Coin Bank which a kitty will come out of cardboard box and grab your coins from. The best thing about these guys is the fact they will give your money back whenever you want them to. Kitty pops out of the box to steal your coins. Kitty will hide in box. When dumb hooman puts a coin on the fishy food bowl on top of the box, he will pop out, snatch coin, go back into box, meow cute-liek, count money silently. As hooman cannot resist the feedback, hooman will put coin after coin on the food bowl to watch the kitteh pop out and snatch it. Eventually, enough coin for cheezburger will be achieved. Power supply:2 x AA battery (Not included). Brand New.

Product Features

  • Mechanical kitten and puppy steal your coins to help you save up.
  • Also a fine ornament on the desk or table.
  • They move so realistic, you can watch them eat over and over.
  • Perfect children’s gift and can teach the importance of saving money.
  • Kitty pops out of the box to steal your coins.

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