Kidrobot Yummy Plush are not only very soft non-edible foods you can squeeze, but they are utterly charming as well. I’m an adult and I find myself strangely drawn to their googly eyes and sweet unassuming smiles. Even as I write this, there’s one perched on my lap. Now, if I were a child I just might implode with joy if you gave me one of these. Actually, I would be your new best friend. Well, I’d really be the Yummy Plush’s new best friend, but I’d pretend to be yours too. Get ’em before they’re gone!!!

Product Features

  • Yummy pizza plush, 12″ super-soft pizza plush with watchful eyes and embroidered details
  • Cuddly for your couch, bedroom and more
  • Plush comes poly-bagged with removable hang-tag and sewn-in tag
  • Plush is short, very soft and very tightly woven
  • Collect the entire yummy plush smorgasbord of donuts, cupcakes, pancakes and more

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