Splash Party Play Mat By Little Lab Creations

    If you are looking for ways to entertain your Children outdoors during summer, instead of seeing them spending hours and hours just watching TV or playing games on their tablets and cell phones, this Splash Party Play Mat is going to be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make. Also, if you have small babies (18 months old and up), this Splash mat is a perfect way to introduce them to water play on a safe environment. Our Splash Party Play Mat is not only fun but has been engineered to give you the best benefits on a product of its kind:

    • Made from durable PVC
    • We use dielectric welding on the inflatable part of this Splash Play to guarantee excellent performance and avoid ruptures.
    • Beautiful exclusive design featuring Clownfish, Angelfish, Seahorses, Turtles, Starfish and Dolphins.
    • You can easily attach any garden hose or you can use the included adapter to feed water using PVC tubing.
    • Our PVC and printed design have been tested by laboratories approved by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Our Splash Party Play Mat does not contain lead and/or Phthalates, so your Children won’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals while playing

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY – Made with durable PVC material and dielectric welding to ensure strong and beautiful joints
  • BEST VALUE – 67-in diameter and exclusive design provide more area to play and beautiful printed animals your kids will love
  • YEAR ROUND FUN – Either in summer, fall or spring, your kids will find a way to have lots of fun with this play mat
  • SAFE: Your kids won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals while playing. Our play mat does not contain lead or Phthalates.
  • VERSATILE: On pavement or grass, just plug it to a garden hose or PVC tubing (using the provided adapter) and that’s all you need to entertain your kids.

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