Little Treasures Little Helper Cleaning Playset lets your children help you clean while they learn skills that will carry them well into adulthood. With the Little Helper Cleaning Set, your children can pretend to clean up just like mom and dad. The Little Treasures Little Helper Cleaning Playset also provides your little ones with great constructive play. Children can actually use the little broom and dustpan to help sweep up real dust on the floor. And with the compact design, the size of the tools are perfect for little hands to help and delve into their imagination. The Little Helper’s bright colors will help keepengaged in cleaning for hours. The Little Treasures Little Helper Cleaning Playset is a 5-piece set, giving your children several options of how to play. The tools are constructed with sturdy and easy-to-clean plastic, which means you don’t have to worry about the toys falling apart or breaking, giving your kids many hours of play. Give your children the gift of using their imagination while also learning to help out around the house. The Little Treasures Little Helper Cleaning Playsetwill make cleaning fun all while teaching your children how to clean the house, which will help both them and you as they grow up.

Product Features

  • Set includes: pretend soap, towel, water basic, hand broom, and dustpan
  • Fun colors for creative play
  • Teaches children to use pretend play for real-life skills
  • Perfect for little hands
  • Ages 3+

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