A1 A tense, tactical game of giant robot squad battle !
Build your mobile frames of building toys and bring them to the table to fight for control of the tabletop!

Q2 How long is a game?
A2 About two and a half hours for three players. I like 3-player games, but 2-player and 4-player games work well, too!

Q3 Can I play with my kids?
A3 I’ve had a great time playing with 10-year olds. One of my favorite opponents is 11. He crushed me last time by being smart and committed when I wavered.

Q4 But it’s fun for adults too?
A4 Anyone who likes tactical wargames and LEGO will have a great time. It has actual tactical depth and even a little strategic planning of resources. There are reasons to keep your guys together and reasons to split them up, reasons to use artillery, direct fire, hand-to-hand weapons, or even use unarmed scouts. The best players design squads to work together, supporting each other’s weaknesses.

Saber: 87 PCS
Ax: 88 PCS
Shooter: 89 PCS
Sledge: 86 PCS
Warm:Use glue will great help for when during assembly If it loose

Product Features

  • Size:Mini Robot(Cool)
  • 4 sets of a pack
  • Material is environmental protection plastic
  • Designer is seller so it unique (Ya, ma’am .)
  • Get creative in the game (assemble by yourself)

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