The USS Enterprise is the longest aircraft carrier in the US and the oldest. It has recently taken its final voyage after more than 50 years. Construct your very own replica piece of history with nanoblock! With 890 assorted size and colored pieces you can create a 3D image of the USS Enterprise down to the tiniest detail. It is the end of an era for the US Navy, making it the perfect gift for any Navy buff or construction enthusiast. With a finished size of 3.25” x 15.25” d x 3.25” h , it would make a nice addition to any den. Collect all the USA collection of nanoblock today!

Product Features

  • nanoblock from the USA collection
  • Challenging three-dimensional puzzle with amazingly small sized building blocks
  • finished size of 3.25? x 15.25? d x 3.25? h
  • Join in the Japanese 3D mini modelling block craze sweeping the world
  • Full assembly instructions

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