A LOVELY PRESENT FOR ALL AGES! It speaks of beautiful days and fragrant, flower filled evenings.It evokes happy memories with the promise of many more to come.
IT SIMPLY MAKES A PERFECT PRESENT.For YOU or a LOVED ONE. There are many different qualities of identical items on the market.But I buy and sell only the VERY BEST.

Our motto is: “The best or nothing!”

Nobody can hide the exciting when get this for present.

Our Jewelry are made of Genuine high-grade Material, as long as the proper maintenance, ensure wearing years still bright as new.
They don’t need to use very expensive maintenance water, just to avoid acid-base and moist environment.
Humid conditions include: Don’t wear when shower, washing face, sweating, deposit before application of dry cloth to wipe dry;
When jewelry don’t wear should be placed into the box which has desiccant inside.

Specific maintenance are as follows:
1.Jewelry often replaced, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid wearing long time,especially in hot summer,jewelry coating easy to corrosion when long-term contact sweat,so it is best to prepare several pieces as replacements.
2.Easy to damage when Exposure with chemicals, Bathed in the fragrance, chlorine in swimming,And the salt water of the sea,all will cause etch to jewelry plating,so should remove all before a bath or swim.
3.Don’t overlap, Collision chafed,should be stored in the original packaging or in the box of the independent small grid,avoid to scraping surface.
4.Regularly clean jewelry,choose soft hair brush sweep clean the surface to remove surface stains. Package:

1 x Fashion Bracelet (in a beautiful gift box)

Product Features

  • This uniquely designed, hand crafted bracelet has been created using 18K Gold Plated in Copper Frosted Round. These features make everywhere unique so this is the bracelet you will receive. This bracelet measures just over 18cm in length and fit up to 18cm wrist.
  • The Fashion Bracelet has a personality Swarovski Crystal Elements. Sparkling and absolutely gorgeous! A fabulous, stylish and beautiful fashion accessory! Superb and finest silver jewellery. It arrives beautifully packed in a gift box!
  • Perfect Quality at a perfect Price delivered in perfect Time!
  • It is very suitable as a Amazing gift object for customers, colleagues, classmates, friends, foreigners, young, juvenile. And it is also occasions for gifts public relations planning, business gifts, Thanksgiving, wedding, Tanabata Festival, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, Halloween, dating etc.
  • This bracelet fits most styles. It can be matched with various dressing styles. You can wear it in any occasions and it makes you eye catching. All pictures are taken from actual products. We provide premium quality, delicate arts and crafts.

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