THE FLOATING MUG Enjoy the warm, comforting feel of porcelain wrapped around your favorite blend of coffee or tea. Beautiful – a modern coffee mug, its the best gift for mom or dad.Any coffee lover would be thrilled to add this to their home decor. Functional – a unique mug, it has a coaster that makes it more than a novelty mug. Whether its in your kitchen or dining area, on a countertop or your fine furniture, have peace of mind that a coaster is always nearby. Balanced – hand crafted from porcelain, its very stable and sturdy. Its a funny mug to look at because you assume it will tip over, but it doesn’t. Ergonomic – The extra large handle is bigger than most large mugs, it provides a comfortable grip that adds to your coffee experience. For Coffee Lovers Enjoy the gift of giving. It’s the perfect gift because the novel design is cool and people love showing off the design or watching others see it for the first time. Improved Handling – For those people that have difficulty placing a cup squarely on a coaster, having the built in coaster means they can place their cup easily on any end table of countertop. Ready to buy? Simply ADD TO CART and we can process your order immediately.

Product Features

  • This mug is suspended over a coaster via the handle. Reviewers LOVE that it’s actually functional.
  • An extra large handle provides a comfortable grip while keeping the mug balanced and sturdy.
  • No coaster needed, sit anywhere in your home, Floating Mug® in one hand, and a tablet in the other.
  • Enjoy warm porcelain wrapped around your hot coffee. A beautiful mug made of a traditional material.
  • Holds approximately 8oz and it’s dishwasher and microwave Safe (top rack only)

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