Pets Toys – DenfenderX Fishing Pole Teaser Cat dog Catcher Wand Rod with Guinea Fowl Feather Refills,Blue

Warning: Your cat will purr, whine and tell you when they want to play!

A Bird Catcher’s Dream Come True! -Cats are ADDICTED to them!
-Simulates an actual bird flying through the air!
– Each replacement refill is made of PEACOCK & GUINEA FOWL FEATHERS!
-Brings out your cat’s natural, predatory instincts!
-Give your cat the best workout & exercise ever!
Have your Ultra Feather refills ready because they will stalk, dash, pounce after the feathers! Their eyes light up right away as soon as they hear the sound of a bird nearby!

Materials made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. All dyes are non-toxic and safe for your cat

Product Features

  • INTERESTED – Keep the good times rolling for your feline friend
  • UPGRADED QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Sturdy, durable professional fiberglass rod connects snugly (unlike other rods that may loosen or disconnect easily). Stress Points have been strengthened. Just add a little extra pressure to tighten the connection of the rod pieces. You will definitely feel the difference over all other cat feather products but still have better FEEL AND CONTROL!
  • OUR Pets LOVE IT! – It’s absolutely their favorite cat toy and they never get tired of it as it brings out their natural animal instincts. Pro version with even higher quality build! By taking advantage of their drive to capture prey (birds, rodents, insects) you can get them to be more active, building stronger muscles, joints and bones!
  • PERFECT GIFT – The DefenderX cat wands make the ideal gift for anyone, including your own cat. What a great way to keep your cat healthy and fit for life!
  • SO EASY TO USE – GUINEA FOWL FEATHER REFILLS with extended attachment strings and hooks included (for Indoor Kittens Young or Older Cats)

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