Amazing New Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug

You will now enjoy your morning cup of coffee even more!

Start your morning with a mystical experience with this fun and environmentally sound design-changing coffee mug.

This mug is the easiest way to tell whether the cup of coffee has been sitting out for a minute too long.

It’s easy to get distracted from your morning cup of coffee and.Upon returning to the supposedly

delightful caffeine,when a mouthful of room temperature coffee is sipped, it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

With this heat-activated mug the design on the exterior changes letting you know how hot, warm, or cold

the coffee or tea has become.

Waking up is always hard to do, but having this little mug at home will make sure you don’t have

to do this painful activity alone.

When it’s cold, it appears to be a funny tired face, but when hot beverages are added… Stand back!

The funny mug wake up to give vibrancy to your morning and get your day started right.

Why follow the crowd with dull and boring coffee cups when you can make an individual statement with this

amazing heat sensitive color changing coffee mug?

Never misplace your morning beverage again, and never again risk someone walking off with your personal coffee cup.

With the heat reactive artwork a colorful flowers appears giving you a pep in your step and a reason to take a moment

to collect your thoughts before starting your day.

Scroll up and grab your New Magic Mug.

Product Features

  • Considering how most people wake up cranky in the early hours, this Amazing Mug will help start off the day in a quirky and playful way.
  • Know when it’s time to dump out the lukewarm drink and pour a new one.
  • Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in a Heat Reactive Color Changing Mug
  • The perfect gift for those who struggle in the morning.
  • Confuse your co-workers and keep your kids distracted by placing steaming hot beverages in a mug that plays a subtle magic trick on the eyes.

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