We provide the Relieves Stress Cube as a special group of stress relief toys for all children and adults. The cube is developed to overcome stress and anxiety and eventually save more years of life. The Relieves Stress Cube is a brain toy that helps to focus, increases attention, helps to calm down, and activates listening. It is oftenly used as office gadget that relieves stress and as a sensory toy for special need. Click – helps to focus. – Want to focus and think rationally? – Do it just by clicking these magic buttons! Glide – brings joy. – Close your eyes and flashback to the joyful moments by playing the joystick. Flip – helps to relax. – Need to relax during your difficult day? – Simply switch your boss or the entire world off. Roll – brings confidence. – You are nervous and need more confidence as a Rock star? – Then heavy metal of this cube is for you. Spin – calms down. – Need to calm down after a fight? – Manage your emotions with desk.

Product Features

  • ✔ PAY ATTENTION – Only when you buy from “BY Kidz”, it’s fulfilled by Amazon we can assure you the premium quality of this Fidget Cube, Ignore other sellers!!!
  • ✔ High quality: All details are made of high-quality vinyl instead of cheap plastic (as 90% of cubes offered at Amazon). Cube is covered with rubber oil and is pleasant to touch. One of the best stress relief toys.
  • ✔ Perfect functionality: All features are working properly. Two clickers are quiet and three are loud. Metal ball turns and clicks. Spin twists smoothly. As it is brain stress toy also important for brain toys.
  • ✔ Suitable for children and adults. Recommended for people with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. The Anti-Stress Cube promotes a sense of calm, reduces stress / anxiety and increases focus / attention. Extremely important for sensory toys for special needs and sensory toys.
  • ✔ Best gift for a friend: It is a perfect gift for any occasion. Prestige package and attractive box with detailed colorful manual describing all features of the Cube. It is best office desk toys for brain development.

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