This delightful balancing toy is created in a wonderful combination of non-toxic plastic and lovely bright colors which consists of a blue sliding shoot out table top and 3 little basketballs that need to be launched and bounced directly into the net basket. The control button and those little fingers hold all the power, only enough moderate pressure and balance can make your little player winner of this easy yet challenging game. This game is educational as well as being great fun and children will benefit from developing excellent balance and coordination skills as they build the towers. For younger children, this game is also a fun way in which to identify different colors and designs. Festively colored parts and unique patterns add immense fun and creative play to the game. Real, appealing colors and tones attract the little ones extensively, allowing them to indulge in the toy game of fun, pretend play. The toy parts are manufactured with top quality materials and components, which are non-easily broken or dented. Strong, durable and excellent quality, along with being waterproof invites usage of all kinds; rash, anxious treatment of eager kids is perfectly compatible with the toy parts. This mind boggling game set for kids allows a creative learning outcome in the most entertaining manner imaginable. It makes a wonderful gift for young children and is perfect for birthdays and Christmas. The toy beautifully packaged in a toy box, and guarantees hundred percent satisfaction and entertainment within the kids of all ages, where hassle free refund is also provided upon return of the play set for any reason.

Product Features

  • SHOOT OUT THE BALL: The sliding table top has to be assembled, hanging a white basket on the top and inserting 3 basketballs in the shaped compartment at the base
  • A large prominent press button must be pressed with even pressure so that the basketball bounces up and goes straight into the net loop. This is a challenging game of controlling the button with extremely moderate pressure.
  • HOOPS AND LOOPS: Basketball game usually comes in the boy league. The colors used are, therefore, according to the mindset of little boys, blue table top, white net basket and a trio of basketballs painted in realistic color of brown. These rich, flashy colors appear appealing and stimulating to young minds.
  • Get your pre-kindergarten kid this toy play set for a fun, learning playtime who will benefit from developing excellent motor and coordination skills as they build the towers
  • HAPPY GUARENTEED: The Toy play set is packed in a detailed, colorful box with instructions included! 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if you are unhappy with the toy for any reason, you can get a hassle free refund.

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