This kit explores the science behind polymer chemistry. Use real lab tools and materials to perform amazing experiments and experience what it’s like to think like a scientist or an engineer. 17 Experiments include: making colored worms, mixing up homemade play dough, creating and catching invisible worms, shooting a basketball with a bouncing ball that YOU make and more! Become an expert in all things slimy. The fact-filled lab guide is chock-full of pictures and information needed for hours of experimentation in your own home laboratory! STEM at Play kits are designed by educators to be Smart-Fun; activities for children 8 and up under adult supervision that provide a natural way to work & learn together through purposeful science-based play. Additional common household items may also be needed to complete experiments.

Product Features

  • Create slimy worms and bouncing balls
  • Discover the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math with 17 hands-on experiments
  • The fact-filled colorful lab guide is chock-full of pictures and information for hours of fun in your own slimy lab
  • Stem at play kits bring science concepts to life through hands-on activities. Kits are designed by Educators for children 8 and up under adult supervision.
  • Please note: additional household materials are required for these experiments.

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